Website Hosting

Before your web site is built you’ll need to sign up with a web host where your site will live.  Hosting plans are available from thousands of different companies and it can be very confusing to find a good host that gives you all the features you need without a lot of hype and overcharging.

You can find seemingly great deals for as little as a few dollars a month that nickle and dime you with various other charges for extra memory, bandwidth, email addresses, etc.  Also, these cheap hosting plans often place your site on a slow, overloaded server with too many other sites so your site performance really suffers.  On the other hand, you can find hosts that will offer you extra high speeds, dedicated servers, co-location and all sorts of other features for up to hundreds of dollars a month.

After personal experience with 8 different hosts, I’ve learned a lot about these different options and have finally found a host that offers all the important features I’ve come to value in a host and none of the needless hype.

HostGator offers shared hosting accounts with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and all the essential features you will need for just $4.95/month.  They offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space with this account which makes it a fabulous deal.  They have also been consistently rated at the top of the hosting company pile by many major web master magazines, web sites, etc.  Their customer service is excellent and they are one of the worlds top 10 largest hosting companies.  They are also a green hosting company and are powered completely by wind energy.  For all these reasons, HostGator has come to be my favorite web host.