Online Marketing


You have your site built and hosted…but where are all the visitors that you expected? What does it take to get visitors to your web site? Perhaps more importantly, how do you get targeted visitors who want what you have to offer? Below are some of the most powerful channels we can use to get those visitors to your site.



The best visitors are the ones who are looking for products or services just like yours. Since people usually use search engines to find things online, it’s important to be at the top of the 3 major search engines. The way we do this is by using SEO strategies.


 Social Media

Another powerful way to market your site is through social media such as Facebook. We can create a Facebook Page for your business and craft targeted ads to attract visitors to your Page. Over time, your Facebook Page can become a powerful tool to keep in touch and build relationships with your customers. This will pay off in repeat business and new customers from word of mouth referrals by happy customers


Link Building

Link building is the oldest way of marketing your site and attracting traffic. Although link building can also be used for SEO, here we’re more interested in potential customers clicking links on other sites that lead to your site. Since you want customers who are specifically interested in what you offer, you’ll want links from other sites that relate to yours. The more popular the site is that links to yours, the more traffic you stand to gain from the link.


Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies available. It involves publishing short, informational articles on topics that relate to your web site. These articles are posted on article directories, press release sites, and other places. Each article includes a link to your site. What makes these articles so powerful is that thousands of web sites rely on reprinting these articles as content for their own web sites. When they reprint your article, they must agree to preserve the link to your web site at the bottom of the article. This article then turns into an informational advertisement for your site on any site that reprints the article. This not only gains you direct traffic from readers of the article…it also gets you another incoming link that helps you rank better in the search engines!

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